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Do you have a problem in the garden? Something chewing on your investment? We can help.

We carry a large array of fertilizers to re vitalize any of your plants or your lawn, all natural products made in Canada, proven to work. Sprays to get rid of those pests or fungus, we can treat every problem. If your not sure what the problem is, our staff can help diagnose most problems instantly or we have multiple resources to hide a cure.

Tools, tools, and more tools, a gardener never has enough tools, and we probably have a tool you don’t have, check them out.

Home and garden decor is a great gift idea for anyone that spends time outside, even if they don’t we have plenty of indoor ideas as well. Constantly changing, our gift ware is top quality.

Composts & Manures

Outdoor Soil Mix

Potting Soils


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